How Do Meal Services Improve Assisted Home Care for Seniors?

As they say, “Food is life.” That’s true for any person, no matter what their age might be. Unfortunately, many senior citizens have difficulty eating regularly and getting the proper nutrition from their diet. This can be caused by many factors, including an inability to get to the store regularly, or trouble with preparing meals […]

Top 5 Android Apps Caregivers Should Try!

Smartphones and tablets have become almost universal tech accessories in the last few years.  Each new version of these devices is more useful than the model it replaced. More functionality hasn’t resulted in more complexity, however. They’re easier to use than ever, mostly because of the large selection of applications they run. Apps make these […]

6 Ideas To Show Your Caregiver That You Care, Too

Being a caregiver is a demanding job.  A caregiver must remain on call to assist their patients at any time. It’s natural for people who work in home health care to focus more on their patients than themselves. It’s easy for them to forget to take care of themselves as well as they care for […]

Top 5 Exercises for Seniors With Arthritis

Many people who receive senior home care services suffer from arthritis. The National Center for Health Statistics estimates that 22.5 percent of all adults have arthritis. That adds up to a total of more than 50 million people in the US who have at least some arthritis pain. Exercise is the most effective method for […]

Fun and Games With Memory Exercises

Family members who provide senior care often worry about the effects of memory loss on their loved ones. Everyone hopes to hold off the deterioration of the mind as long as possible, but the onset of memory loss can be subtle. If you fear that a family member may be heading down that path, you […]

Home Health Care and BMI: A New Perspective

Want to live longer? Head to the gym! That’s the conclusion of a new study conducted at the University of California at Los Angeles. The study is part of a growing body of evidence that is changing the way patients, especially seniors, should be evaluated for their overall health. Simply comparing a person’s weight to […]

How to Make a Checklist for Your New Caregiving Service

Once a family has chosen a home care hospice service for in-home health care services or assisted care, there are many topics to discuss with the caregiving service.  Every detail can be important to the quality of life for the elderly patient. We’ve compiled a handy checklist of things that should be discussed with a […]

How to Avoid Losing Sleep Over Elderly Sleep Issues

If you’re caring for an elderly loved one, it’s likely you’ve had to deal with sleep disorders at one time or another. Home health care professionals are trained to sort through the confusing information provided by seniors when they try to describe the reasons for sleeplessness. It’s also important for family caregivers to understand the […]

Palliative, Not Terminal, Care

When most people hear the term “palliative care,” they immediately think of care for terminal patients. But that is not always the case. The basic thing about palliative care is that it is an approach that combines several disciplines in providing specialized medical care for seriously ill patients. The object of the care is to […]

Agitated By Alzheimer’s and Dementia

For family members who are trying to provide Alzheimer’s or dementia care for an older loved one, one of the greatest challenges can come from dealing with the agitation that the loved one suffers. Because memory, especially short term memory, is affected by these conditions, the patient can become very agitated, because the world seems […]