We take pride in our happy clients. These are a few kind words we have received from our clients and their families.

“They took care of my parents exactly as they claimed they would. It was very caring and attentive care. The family never had to worry about the care and quality of life my parents were receiving. My parents needed eldercare and I was previously using another company that I was very unhappy with. Caregiving for You, Inc. was a Godsend. The way they treated my parents and our family was exceptional. They became members of the family. My mother and father could not have been happier with their caregivers. I highly recommend calling Caregivers. I know you’ll be happy you did and sleep better. They took care of my parents exactly as they claimed they would.”

— Robert Gantt

“I have been using Caregiving for You, Inc. for 7 months while in a wheelchare. I have found their caregivers to be wonderful. I have used a number of them and they all have been reliable, competent, helpful, and friendly. They made a difficult situation easier to manage. Not only during the daytime, but also nightime. One night i unexpectedly needed a caregiver to come over and stay the night with me.. With only three hours notice, they had someone at my house by midnight waiting for me to get home. Even their driver meets the many requirements I need for transportation. Claudia Preciado, the President, took the time to find just the right people for my needs and personality. I’m indebted to Caregiving for You, Inc., and recommend them for all of your caregiver needs.”

— Renee Goldberg

“They are easy to work with and have quality people working for them. If there is a problem, I can call them, and they will send someone else out. They are always available and prompt. We really like the person that we have giving us care. The owners both have nursing degrees so that makes it really good. All the employees are certified nurse assistants. You can either pay them or charge your credit card, and they are prompt about paying their employees. They were referred to me by a doctor that we found on Angie’s list.”

— Robert Megerdichian

“We want to thank you so much for the excellent and caring assistance provided for my mother and father. Your caregiver has a caring patience that my parents responded very favorable to. You have stepped in and done the jobs that I cannot deal with and I highly recommend your services to anyone who is facing dealing with the needs of the elderly and those who need special assistance.”

— The Ross Family

“All of you are such a blessing to so many people. God bless you.”

“You are wonderful! Dear Alicia, Claudia and Marie, Hank and I and the family want to thank you so much for the wonderful care you provided our Mom and Dad (Ray and Vera Owen) when he came home from the hospital. Ray and Vera truly appreciated Marie’s care. She was great!”

— Love, Judy and Hank

“Thank you so much. Damiana is great!”

— Sonia

RE: Betty Morton. “Thank you very much for all of your help.”

— Yarra Cache

“Caregiving for You, Inc. have provided needed care and services to our family and friends for more than 10 years and we strongly recommend them.“

— Paul and Joy Jacobs

“I recomended Caregiving for You, Inc. to a client of mine to take care of her elderly & ill mother. Everyone in her family is thrilled with the loving care they provide & the two caregivers have become like family too.”

— Sharyn

“I have only happy memories of the care you gave my mother, and I’m so thrilled that your business has taken off and you are still providing such love to others.”

— Debra Asher

“I was having a revision of my total knee replacement. I needed to find a ride home from the hospital. I am a member of Angie’s List and found Caregiving for You, INC listed on Angie’s List. I called and spoke with Eva and told her that my surgery was scheduled for the beginning of December. I said that I would call her the beginning of December to finalize what I needed. When I called I only knew that I would be in the hospital 2-3 nights, but I did not know when I would be discharged. The hospital told Eva that I was going to discharged on Thursday. The doctor did not write the order until around 3 PM. Eva had Maria Isabelle waiting for the call that I was ready to be picked up. Maria arrived at the hospital to pick me up and I told her I needed to go to CVS to pick up a prescription, but I needed to go home and get some money, I live only a block from the CVS. Maria picked up very fast when I needed assistance and when I could manage by myself. After the trip to CVS Maria drove me home and helped me by carrying my belongings into my place. She let me know that she could stay longer if I needed her and to be sure and call the office if I needed help anytime during my recovery.

I recommended Caregiving for You to two people while I was in the hospital.

Caregiving for You meet all my needs and worked with me to get me home from the hospital. I will use them again when I have to go into the hospital for tests that have to preformed under anesthesia. I highly recommend Caregiving for You.”

— Anne Schneider
Beverly Hills, CA