Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Caregiving for You, Inc. different from other In-Home Care providers?

Caregiving for You, Inc. stands out, because we are a family-owned business, not a franchised agency. We understand how important family and friends are. You and your loved ones are important to us. We are nurturing, respectful, and care for as if you were our family. Whenever you call, you always speak personally with one of the owners.

How quickly can you have your caregivers at my residence?

Caregiving for You, Inc. can have someone at your residence within 24 hours. We understand the urgency of your situation and do our very best to accommodate you.

What is the minimum amount of hours per day?

We will find a way to accommodate your schedule. We are flexible so we can meet your home care needs.

How do I get started with Caregiving for You, Inc.?

Call today for a free consultation: 310-450-0660. The owners are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What services does Caregiving for You, Inc. provide?

Caregiving for You, Inc. provides Companion Care, Personal Care, Light Housekeeping, Meal Preparation, Medication Reminders, Errands, Escorting, Transportation, Disability Care, Respite Care, Hospice Care, Alzheimer/Dementia Care, and Short-Term Assistance. We can provide care for you at home, in a nursing home, a hospital, or wherever your loved one is residing.

What type of clients do you provide service to?

We provide services mainly to the elderly, disabled, and chronically ill. We also provide short-term assistance to expectant mothers, new mothers, pre-surgery and post-injury clients. We specialize in Dementia/Alzheimer’s and Hospice Care clients as well.

How are the caregivers selected?

Caregivers are selected according to their experience, background, education, life experiences, and level of compassion for others. Before hiring each caregiver is screened for professional experience, any criminal background, and drug tested. Their compassion and integrity are checked through references and life experience. CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistants) are checked via their education and professional references.

All caregivers go through rigorous training before caring for a client so we are assured of their ability to provide care and enrichment with the utmost respect. You’ll have peace of mind when choosing us. Our caregivers are bonded, insured, and covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance. We only hire the very best caregivers — those we would choose to care for our own family.

When are you available?

All the time – we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, which includes holidays!

Is there a written plan of care for each client? When necessary, how often is it modified?

Yes. Caregiving for You, Inc. prepares an individualized and completely confidential Plan of Care for each client. Family members, the client, and all agree on the Plan before services can begin. Once agreed upon, the case manager recommends the best caregiver for the client and establishes a schedule for monitoring and communication.

At least every six months the client’s Plan of Care is reviewed with the client and family, more frequently as needed. The review is an important part of the client’s care program, because it ensures the client is receiving the appropriate level of care and is satisfied with the care provided.

Will I have the same Caregiver all the time? How will I meet my Caregiver?

Whenever possible the same caregiver will be assigned to help you. If by chance after working together you decide the caregiver does not meet your needs, another one will be assigned to you. It is your choice. You must be completely satisfied with the caregiver. Before the caregiver starts working for you, we will arrange a meeting with the family and to assure that you and the caregiver can work well together.

What if my Caregiver is sick or on vacation?

If your caregiver is unavailable, you need not worry. Caregiving for You, Inc. employs a team of caregivers so care will not be interrupted. If the need arises, your case manager will arrange for another caregiver and will contact you in advance. Prior to service by an interim caregiver, you will meet and review the Plan of Care with the case manager. Services are continued without interruption, because your safety and security are our top priority.

Can I use services if I am in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or rehab center?

Yes. If you desire or need additional attention or personalized care while in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or rehab center, Caregiving for You, Inc. is there to help. You will have one-on-one attention to meet your specific needs.

Why should my caregiver be an employee of versus being an Independent Contractor of the Client?

All caregivers through Caregiving for You, Inc. are employees of our agency. This affords you many advantages over hiring an independent caregiver yourself. Caregiving for You, Inc. is a California-licensed and insured home care agency. That means that you are protected.

You do not have to worry about Worker’s Compensation, liability insurances, payroll and tax deductions. You do not have to perform comprehensive background checks. We handle it all. Should our caregiver have an accident on the job or not declare income, you are not liable. All our caregivers are carefully screened and trained. We handle scheduling and replacements should your caregiver be unable to go into work.

I am going for outpatient surgery or just preparing to leave the hospital. How can you help?

Are you concerned about needing a little help after your hospital stay? Let us do the hard work, and stop worrying about the details. Our professionally trained caregivers are ready and willing to do what it takes to make your life easier! Service includes four hours of exceptional care to help you with your daily activities and can include transportation to and from the hospital. Caregiving for You, Inc. will also provide you with ongoing care, should you need further assistance once you are settled at home.

Service includes 4 hours of exceptional care to help you with your daily activities and can include transportation to and from the hospital. Caregiving for You, Inc. will also provide you with on-going care should you need further assistance once you are settled in. For more information, please call 310-450-0660.

Can we afford your Home Care services?

By using an in-home caregiving agency such as Caregiving for You, Inc. , you’re choosing the most cost-effective way to care for your loved one. By remaining in their home, your loved one will be more comfortable and healthier than in a care facility, and quality of life will be significantly higher. Caregiving for You, Inc. offers superior quality service at a competitive price. We also offer the protection of bonding and liability insurance to protect you against virtually anything that might occur with a caregiver.

Do you offer care for people with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and/or Memory loss?

Your loved ones with Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss need special care, attention, and support. Not just any caregiver can assist them. Special training in the specifics and nuances of working with these clients is essential. Caregiving for You, Inc. provides specially trained caregivers to work with clients at home so your loved one may remain as comfortable as possible in familiar surroundings.

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