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Top 5 Android Apps Caregivers Should Try!

senior home care servicesSmartphones and tablets have become almost universal tech accessories in the last few years.  Each new version of these devices is more useful than the model it replaced. More functionality hasn’t resulted in more complexity, however. They’re easier to use than ever, mostly because of the large selection of applications they run. Apps make these devices an incredibly useful tool for people working in senior home care services. Whether it’s managing prescriptions, looking up information, or summoning help in an emergency, there is an Android app for the task. We’ve assembled a list of five Android apps you can install on your smartphone or tablet to help with caregiving duties:


Carezone is an all-in-one home care services management app. The developers designed the app to help caregivers and patients manage medications, doctor’s instructions, medical information, and more. Users can easily create a list of medications they can refer to with the tap of an onscreen button. It can send reminders to patients, in home care providers, senior home care services, and even family members when it’s time for a patient to take their medicine. It can even schedule reminders for refilling prescriptions. The app also helps organize contacts for doctors, pharmacies, insurance agencies, and family members. It can even create to-do lists for caregiving tasks, and can help delegate some of the tasks to others if needed. With all these features, this app is a great way for caregivers to stay organized. It also helps keep caregivers up to date with the latest information on their patients.
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WebMD for Android

This app provides 24/7 free access to health and medical information. It includes a symptom checker and pill identification tool.  It also has listings of physicians, hospitals, senior home care services, and pharmacies nearby. This is on top of their famous, extensive, and medically reviewed informational database.  There you can get information about conditions, drugs, and treatments available. You can create personalized lists of drugs that a patient takes, relevant conditions, and even find informational articles about a patient’s condition. It even stores first aid information off-line, in the case of an emergency, when an internet connection is not available.
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Urgent Care –24/7 Medical Help

Although the app is free to install, there is a charge of $3.99 per call. For this price, you can call their medical assistance line anytime, day or night. You can speak to a registered nurse about any medical issues or symptoms you or a patient may be experiencing. The nurse will try to help over the phone, and can escalate your call to a doctor or pediatrician if needed. There is no extra charge when they escalate the  call to a doctor. Of course, if there’s a medical emergency, it is always best to dial 911.
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This app says it’s for children, but it can be a great tool for caregivers and their patients as well. By tapping icons on a screen, users can form sentences that the app reads aloud for them. The icons are large and easy to see and press, and they feature friendly pictures. For patients who find it difficult to speak, this app makes a great way to communicate without using their voice.
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Carrie the Caregiver Episode 1

Because every caregiver needs to take a little break once in a while! Games like these help provide an entertaining diversion to anyone’s day. This caregiving themed time management game puts you in the shoes of Carrie the Caregiver. The babies in the maternity ward need attention, and it’s up to Carrie to feed, clean, and soothe the babies. But be careful! Carrie also needs to take care of herself and her needs as well. Casual games like this provide a great way to relax and get away for a little bit, and have a little fun too!
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Technology Helps Make Lives Easier

Senior home care services demand a lot from their caregivers. Smart caregivers use every tool they can get their hands on to deliver the best care. Apps like these can make the tasks of being a caregiver working much easier and more manageable. Helping caregivers provide better care to their patients is a win-win for everyone involved. We have the technology today, and it makes sense to use it to its fullest potential. So dig out your Android device and see how technology can make a caregivers’ life easier.