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How Do Meal Services Improve Assisted Home Care for Seniors?

meal-services-help-seniors-5As they say, “Food is life.” That’s true for any person, no matter what their age might be. Unfortunately, many senior citizens have difficulty eating regularly and getting the proper nutrition from their diet. This can be caused by many factors, including an inability to get to the store regularly, or trouble with preparing meals from the available ingredients. Meal services supplied as part of ongoing caregiving services provide the perfect solution to problems with senior nutrition. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of meal services for seniors enjoying assisted home care:

Meal Services Help You Get to the Store

Many seniors have difficulty getting out of their house. This can be due to limited mobility or other factors. Sometimes, just getting out to a local market can be a difficult task. Planning and selecting important food items and other necessary staples can add even more stress. Caregiving services that include meal service can help by going to the store for seniors and purchasing the food they need. That way, seniors with limited or no mobility can still get the food that they need while remaining in the comfort of their own home.

Help With Cooking and Cleaning

Many seniors who take advantage of assisted home care have arthritis or tendinitis. These conditions can make it difficult for them to grasp, hold, and manipulate tools and other items.  For those with limited ability to use their hands, cooking and cleaning up afterward can be a daunting task. Other seniors may not know how to cook. While eating is enjoyable, some seniors simply do not have a desire to do their own cooking. Caregiving services that include meals take the worry out of mealtimes for seniors. Meal services can take all the hard work out of cooking and cleaning for seniors who are unable or unwilling to cook for themselves.

Meal Services Give Seniors Healthy Meal Choices

When seniors in assisted home care cannot cook for themselves, they will usually turn to other options, such as fast food, take out, or cold restaurant leftovers. in the long run, eating out all the time is expensive. It also may cause seniors with special dietary concerns to make unhealthy food choices. A poor diet can lead to obesity and can exasperate other health problems. With meal services, seniors in assisted home care can rest assured that they are receiving hot, good quality food.  They also can be assured those meals are nutritious and healthy for them. If they have special dietary needs due to health issues or medications, meal services can ensure they eat properly, and stay far away from unhealthy foods.

No More Missed Meals

Without help, some seniors may miss many meals altogether. Others prepare spartan meals that are easy to cook, but don’t contain enough important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Few things improve overall health as profoundly as nutritious meals eaten on a regular basis. This is especially true for those who have special dietary needs and concerns. A meal service can ensure as seniors are getting consistent meals every day. They can also make sure the meals are complete and healthy.

Helping Seniors With Assisted Home Care Meal Services

At Caregiving For You, we offer meal services that provide healthy, nutritious meals for seniors as part of our assisted home care. We help with shopping, and cook nutritious, tasty meals. We can even assist seniors with cleaning up afterward. If time is an issue, we can deliver pre-cooked meals so they are ready to eat right away. Our meal services also include preparing several meals in advance if that’s more convenient. That way, seniors can always have a hot, healthy and nutritious meal to enjoy when it’s time to eat. Meal services provided by Caregiving For You can extend the number of years that seniors can enjoy the freedom and security of living in their own home. It also eases the worries of family caregivers who are currently taking care of shopping and cooking for a loved one.