Top 5 Android Apps Caregivers Should Try!

Smartphones and tablets have become almost universal tech accessories in the last few years.  Each new version of these devices is more useful than the model it replaced. More functionality hasn’t resulted in more complexity, however. They’re easier to use than ever, mostly because of the large selection of applications they run. Apps make these […]

Fun and Games With Memory Exercises

Family members who provide senior care often worry about the effects of memory loss on their loved ones. Everyone hopes to hold off the deterioration of the mind as long as possible, but the onset of memory loss can be subtle. If you fear that a family member may be heading down that path, you […]

How to Make a Checklist for Your New Caregiving Service

Once a family has chosen a home care hospice service for in-home health care services or assisted care, there are many topics to discuss with the caregiving service.  Every detail can be important to the quality of life for the elderly patient. We’ve compiled a handy checklist of things that should be discussed with a […]

Palliative, Not Terminal, Care

When most people hear the term “palliative care,” they immediately think of care for terminal patients. But that is not always the case. The basic thing about palliative care is that it is an approach that combines several disciplines in providing specialized medical care for seriously ill patients. The object of the care is to […]

Making Caregiving Services Easier With Skype

Many senior citizens are enthusiastic Internet users. Social media use is also very common among seniors, although the particular social media platforms are still segregated a great deal by age. People who are eligible to receive letters from AARP generally prefer Facebook to Twitter, for example. But there is a general willingness to stay connected […]

Taking Care of Seriously Ill and Terminal Patients

Many families who are facing taking care of terminally ill loved ones, have to make difficult choices about caregiving services for the last months and weeks of the loved one’s life. Other families have to consider how to take care of a loved one who has an on-going major illness for which there may be […]