Agitated By Alzheimer’s and Dementia

For family members who are trying to provide Alzheimer’s or dementia care for an older loved one, one of the greatest challenges can come from dealing with the agitation that the loved one suffers. Because memory, especially short term memory, is affected by these conditions, the patient can become very agitated, because the world seems […]

Can Walking More Slowly Indicate Alzheimer’s Disease?

Home health care professionals are always on the lookout for signs of Alzheimer’s disease. One of the problems with managing Alzheimer’s is the lack of reliable information about diagnosing the disease. Another challenge for caregivers is keeping up to date with information about available treatments. One thing is known: the earlier it is detected, the […]

Getting Around With Senior Transportation

In home health care services help seniors and their families solve many problems associated with aging. Of course the particular home care services will vary according to the needs of the client, and these will change as time passes. Rehabilitation care will end when a full recovery is made, while services for clients suffering from […]

Hospice Care Is Better Than Aggressive Treatment. Here’s Why

End of life decisions can be difficult for the entire family. It’s hard to know how to choose between aggressive treatment to battle the disease and hospice care that makes the patient’s last days more comfortable. With help from a new study, patients and their families may find it easier to make an informed decision. […]

Making Caregiving Services Easier With Skype

Many senior citizens are enthusiastic Internet users. Social media use is also very common among seniors, although the particular social media platforms are still segregated a great deal by age. People who are eligible to receive letters from AARP generally prefer Facebook to Twitter, for example. But there is a general willingness to stay connected […]

Seniors on the Go-Go-Go

One of the challenging things for people as they get further and further into the ranks of “seniors” is the matter of transportation issues. While many seniors remain competent drivers, others may be in need of caregiving services and transportation assistance.  There are several different types of services that can address the different needs of […]

What Does Caregiving Entail?

As you consider whether a loved one may need caregiving services, it is important to understand what is included. Understanding the terminology is part of making an informed decision and will help you feel more comfortable as you move forward. Let’s start with the easy question first. What is Caregiving? Caregiving is the act of […]

Taking Care of Seriously Ill and Terminal Patients

Many families who are facing taking care of terminally ill loved ones, have to make difficult choices about caregiving services for the last months and weeks of the loved one’s life. Other families have to consider how to take care of a loved one who has an on-going major illness for which there may be […]

The Comfort of Care After Surgery

Many people face recovery from surgery without considering the possibilities of home care services. Even though many patients undergo procedures that require recovery periods, they may not make plans for their own care after the surgery. From major surgeries to certain minor procedures might require that the patient limit their physical activity for stretches of […]

Crafting with an Alzheimer’s Patient

Families that have to cope with a member who is suffering from Alzheimer’s often seek help from experts in Alzheimer’s & dementia care. There are so many concerns in interacting with an Alzheimer’s patient, the challenges of giving care to them can be overwhelming for the family. Expert caretakers who are trained in working with […]