• Palliative care makes the patient as comfortable as possible.
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    Palliative, Not Terminal, Care

    When most people hear the term “palliative care,” they immediately think of care for terminal patients. But that is not always the case. The basic thing about palliative care is that it is an approach that combines several disciplines in providing specialized medical care for seriously ill patients. The object of the care is to improve the quality of life for the patient. Taking Care of Serious Illness Palliative care is often applied to patient care that does not focus on providing cures. It is combined with other treatments, but the palliative care looks toward management of symptoms, and giving social and psychological, even spiritual, support to the patient and…

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    The Comfort of Care After Surgery

    Many people face recovery from surgery without considering the possibilities of home care services. Even though many patients undergo procedures that require recovery periods, they may not make plans for their own care after the surgery. From major surgeries to certain minor procedures might require that the patient limit their physical activity for stretches of time. Life After Surgery Surgery involves intrusion into the integrity of the patient’s body, so even so-called minor surgery can involve a period of recovery. Surgery on a foot could keep the patient from standing and moving about in regular patterns during the recovery. Most people do not consider the advantages of assisted home care…

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    Is Your Elderly Loved Feeling Sad and Lonely? Hiring Home Care Can Help

    A New Hope through Home Care Services in Beverly Hills, CA For many seniors, hope may be a distant prospect. They see the twilight of their years upon them and when they begin to have trouble caring for themselves, it can lead to depression. Depression is actually more prevalent among the elderly than any other age group. However, home care services can provide new hope to almost any senior who may require assistance or who spends the vast majority of their time living at home alone. How can home healthcare services instill hope? There are many things that home healthcare services can do for the elderly patient that will provide…

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