Using Caregiving Services as a Support System

Caregiving services aren’t always the predominant care option for individuals and families, and that’s ok. Those who choose to personally care for a loved one may still be greatly helped by caregiving services. It is estimated that 29% of people care for a loved one without pay, and sometimes even with a full time job […]

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Caregivers Near Malibu, CA – 8 Great Habits of Highly Happy Caregivers When you are well rested, you can last longer at a job without getting overwhelmed or burned out. Balancing all the things you need to do in life for others while still taking care of yourself can be quite a challenging act at […]

Dealing with Temper Tantrums as a Caregiver near Malibu CA

When we think of temper tantrums, we think of small children or teenagers acting out to get what they want. That is why it is unsettling and embarrassing to see a parent or elderly loved one have a temper tantrum. A temper tantrum is a loss of mental balance or composure accompanied by an outburst […]

Changing Roles: Why being a Caregiver in Malibu CA Requires Forethought!

Ask yourself this one questions if you might be considering being a caregiver for a loved one. How would you feel if the roles were reversed?  For many home care providers who also happen to be children of the elderly patient, they might say that this scenario has already happened.  However, it’s a much different […]