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    The Benefits for Caregiving for New Mothers

    Caregiver in Seal Beach CA When people think of caregiving services, they usually think of assistance for elder care, or for those dealing with major illnesses. But caregiving services can be extended to new mothers as well. The opportunities to help new parents ease into their roles can be an important part of care services.   Help in the House Even though most employers provide for maternity leave sometimes the mother may need more than just time away from their regular job. Many services offer light housekeeping services to those who are caught up in the wonders of new parenthood. When a couple with a new-born baby are far from…

  • Caregiver in Seal Beach CA

    Strengthening Wit and Wisdom as a Caregiver

    Caregiver in Seal Beach CA The first time Joan was a caregiver, it was for her elderly mother. When her mother was 81 she suffered a stroke. For all intents and purposes it was considered relatively minor, but the recovery was going to take time. During the first few weeks after she returned home, doctors informed Joan that her mother would require a significant amount of assistance. Joan was working and decided to split the responsibilities with a professional in-home care provider. Her mother wasn’t too keen on the idea of having a stranger come to her home and help out, but she understood the limitations for her daughter and…

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