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When an Elderly Loved One’s in Constant Pain, Home Care Makes a Difference

Pasadena, CA – When an Elderly Loved One’s in Constant Pain, Home Care Makes a Difference

Watching a loved one deal with pain can be incredibly stressful. Most people would want to do whatever was possibleHome Care Pasadena CAto help their loved ones better manage pain and even overcome the physical elements that cause them to hurt.

However, there are numerous health conditions that can lead to experiencing pain and for those who are in self-described constant pain, it can be nerve-racking to sit idly by and watch them suffer. An experienced home care provider can do wonders to help the elderly individual better manage their life to reduce the amount of pain they experience.

What causes the pain?

It could be arthritis, post-operative surgery, major health emergencies such as a heart attack or stroke, injuries sustained in an accident or slip and fall, or just about anything else. Certain tumors and other health problems can cause consistent pain over time.

The actual cause of the pain may not be where the pain is actually experienced. For example, a person who is dealing with arthritis may experience pain along the nerve passing through a limb, such as the forearm to their shoulder.

Dealing with pain can often be tempered with certain medications, such as aspirin or even stronger prescription medications.

So how can a home care aide make a difference?

Often people will describe pain that is exacerbated as a direct result of activities they are doing. In other words, somebody who has arthritis and has to write out checks to pay bills may report increased pain in their fingers and hands, especially when they’re finished. Writing letters and doing other activities that require the use of their hands can also make the pain feel more pronounced.

An experienced caregiver would likely be able to help with many of these tasks, thus eliminating the need for the elderly client to have to do them.  This may reduce the chances of inflammation and exacerbating the pain they feel.

Encouraging certain activities.

There are certain activities that the individual can do that may also alleviate some of the pain he or she is feeling. Exercise is important for people of all ages.  If his or her doctor approves, doing water aerobic exercises could help to loosen up joints, get the heart the exercise it needs, and move oxygen and nutrients throughout the body in a more efficient manner.

These are all valuable ways that home care can help clients reduce pain and ultimately deal with the physical ailments and limitations they face now.

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