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3 Ways Home Care Providers Differ From Family Caregivers

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According to AARP, there is an estimated 40 million family caregivers working with the elderly across the country.  Home Care Santa Monica CAIt’s important to understand the difference between home care providers and family caregivers (www.aarp.com).

Experience makes a difference when it comes to providing care for the elderly.  Listed below are three ways that experienced in-home health care providers and home care aides, do things differently than family members.

1. They have a fixed schedule.

When a family hires in-home health care services through an agency, they will work with him or her to develop a set schedule.  This is helpful because the loved one will know what to expect, thus providing consistency for the worker, the family, and, most importantly, the client.

On the other hand, a family member may stop by when he or she is done with work, finished running errands, or whenever his or her schedule permits.

2. They tend to have a strong support system.

When you hire through a home care agency, there is a solid support system in place to provide assistance to the caregiver as well as the elderly client.  For example, if the caregiver falls ill, there will be another caregiver to take his or her place for that day.

Not all family members have other individuals who can take their place in the event of an emergency or illness.  That support system can be incredibly important, especially when they face intense stress and anxiety as a result of their caregiving work.

3. They understand the importance of listening.

When it comes to listening skills, people who have worked with elderly clients in the past know how important it is to pay attention. An adult child taking care of an elderly parent is likely being pulled in numerous directions and cannot take the time to fully listen to what he or she is saying.  Taking a moment to stop and listen to what the elderly individual has to say can make a world of difference.

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