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Caregiver’s in Beverly Hills CA: Ways to Manage Memory Loss!

Dealing with a loved one who is going through memory loss can be difficult on the whole family.  Your loved one may have trouble remembering simple things such as names and events that happened in the past.  This can make it difficult to know what topics you can discuss without causing your loved one confusion and distress.  With the help of the tips below and a caregiver, you and your family will better be able to communicate with your loved one much better. Caregivers Beverly Hills CA

  • Brevity 

If your loved one is having some difficulties with their memory, it is not a good idea to go into a long string of details.  They will have enough problems with keeping up with what you are saying, and are less likely to remember most of what you have said.  Instead, keep everything as brief as possible.  Make sure that all of the important information that they need to know is said first and keep your conversations to the point.

  • Patience 

When communicating with your elderly loved one, it is critical that you have some patience with them.  While it may be frustrating for you to try and communicate with them, it is even worse for them.  Take the time to talk slowly, enunciate your words, and understand that there are times when you may have to repeat yourself a few times in order for your loved one to fully comprehend what you are saying.

  • Socializing 

It is always a good idea to get your elderly loved one out of the house so they have the opportunity to socialize with other people.  This can be especially important to someone who is suffering from memory loss, because it will help to keep his or her minds sharp.  Whether the socializing includes the family coming over to say hi a couple of times a week, or your loved one attending some social activities, it is important that these get included in the routine as often as possible.

  • Exercise 

Exercise is a great way to keep the mind sharp and working at its very best. Some of the ways that exercise can help a person with memory loss include keeping the mind focused on one thing, adding structure to the day, and forcing your loved one to navigate through different tasks.  Your caregiver can help to give some suggestions on fun and safe exercises that will help your elderly loved one keep their memory loss at a minimum

  • Minimizing Distractions 

If you are able to limit the amount of distractions that your loved one is dealing with at one time, they will have a much better chance of responding to the things that you are saying.  For example, if you are trying to talk to them and the television is on, there are many other people talking, and your loved one is trying to cook then they will have difficulties in understanding you.  Make sure to have the area quiet and minimum distractions to help your loved one have a better chance of understanding what is being told to them.

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