The Comfort of Care After Surgery

Many people face recovery from surgery without considering the possibilities of home care services. Even though many patients undergo procedures that require recovery periods, they may not make plans for their own care after the surgery. From major surgeries to certain minor procedures might require that the patient limit their physical activity for stretches of […]

Crafting with an Alzheimer’s Patient

Families that have to cope with a member who is suffering from Alzheimer’s often seek help from experts in Alzheimer’s & dementia care. There are so many concerns in interacting with an Alzheimer’s patient, the challenges of giving care to them can be overwhelming for the family. Expert caretakers who are trained in working with […]

The Benefits for Caregiving for New Mothers

Caregiver in Seal Beach CA When people think of caregiving services, they usually think of assistance for elder care, or for those dealing with major illnesses. But caregiving services can be extended to new mothers as well. The opportunities to help new parents ease into their roles can be an important part of care services. […]

Relying on Friends and Neighbors to Help Garden when Extra Care for the Senior is Necessary

Senior Care in Palos Verdes CA Gardening can be incredibly rewarding for people of all ages. When it’s a part of senior care, it may be difficult for the elderly individual to actually do some of the gardening. That’s where professional senior home services and even assistance from family, friends, and neighbors can make a […]

Why Consider ‘Brain Health’ for a Senior Relying on Home Care

Home Care in Pacific Palisades CA In a world where physical conditioning and staying in “good health” essentially refers to the physical body, there is a lot less attention paid to mental stimulation and ‘brain health.’ There are a number of reasons why it’s such a good idea to focus on brain health, whether a […]

Distance Isn’t a Barrier for a Family Caregiver, Unless You Let It Be

Caregiver in Marina Del Ray CA A lot of people move away from their families when they are younger, pursuing careers, getting married, building their own families, or for a number of other reasons. Eventually, it may become clear that an aging loved one, such as a parent, grandparent, or somebody else whom you care […]

When an Experienced Senior Care Provider Helps Clients Stay Connected to the World

Senior Care in Woodland Hill CA World Telecommunications Day is May 17th and there are many ways people could connect with friends, family members, and others that are so much different than the way things were 50 years ago. An experienced senior care provider could help elderly clients feel more connected to the outside world, […]

Signs that Vision May be Impacting the Elderly Loved One Who Requires Extra Care

Elderly Care in Pacific Palisades CA Usually, when people are experiencing changes in their health, whether they are having difficulty getting up and down stairs, require a hearing aid, or are experiencing some type of vision loss, there are noticeable warning signs. When you’re talking about elder care, there could be a number of signs […]

Tips for Keeping Pets Safe when Relying on Home Care Services

Home Care Services in Beverly Hills CA May is National Pet Month and for any senior who may be relying on home care services at the moment, whether they suffered a major medical emergency such as a heart attack or stroke, had surgery, or are simply having more difficulty taking care of themselves, if they […]

Acceptance May be the Best First Step toward Making the Right Senior Care Decisions

Senior Care in Pacific Palisades CA It can be difficult to accept that you need extra care, especially as you get older.  People who have been used to taking care of themselves for most of their adult life could find it challenging to recognize their limitations. It’s also easy to assume that asking for helping […]